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Stay connected to New Jersey’s growing dance community! Whether you are a dancer, choreographer, dance company, private dance studio, dance student, school, university program, presenter, sponsor, or a dance enthusiast, we welcome you to join Dance New Jersey as we celebrate the artistic and educational excellence of dance in our state.

Are you a dance educator? It is strongly recommended that dance educators join the National Dance Education Association (NDEO) and enjoy the benefits of both NDEO and Dance New Jersey (DNJ). If you join NDEO and reside (or your organization is located in) New Jersey, you will be automatically enrolled with DNJ – no additional registration process for DNJ is required. Please visit www.ndeo.org for more information about membership benefits and to join/renew. Please note that DNJ cannot accept NDEO memberships, you must join/renew at www.ndeo.org.

Annual Dues for DNJ Membership only

Individual DNJ Membership (annual)
  Students $20.00
  Friends of Dance $30.00
  Dance Professionals $40.00
Organizations (Based on Annual Budget)
  Under $50,000 $50.00
  $50,000 - $100,000 $75.00
  $100,001 - $500,000 $125.00
  $500,001 - $1 million $200.00
  $1 million and above $300.00


To join NDEO, or renew your current NDEO membership, visit www.ndeo.org